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Kyogle Culture catches up with Suzie Coulston, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator for Kyogle Council, about plans to promote the region through a new online space that stars our people and our lifestyle. 
Kyogle is a great place to live, work and raise a family - and with the coastal areas and South East Queensland busting at the seams - Kyogle Council has created a new initiative to showcase what we have to offer to those looking to live, work or play in the Kyogle region.
“We are ready to welcome new people to the area, and helps us to do that,” Suzie explained. ”Kyogle Council is easy to do business with and our towns and villages are friendly and accessible. We are close to the coast and on the major transport routes to Brisbane and Sydney - what is not to love!” 
Kyogle Council has created an inviting website that encourages you to meet some of the people running businesses in our Local Government Area and get a feel for the beautiful place we live in. 
”There are links to economic profiles and social statistics, so you can see that we are a rural community of farmers growing food and fibre, milling timber and raising cows. There’s endless benefits including open space, clean air, access to water and good soil, which enables loads of activity in organics and sustainable, regenerative and small scale agriculture.” 
”We are made up of a lot of small businesses and some large ones to,” Suzie said. ”The valleys and villages are alive with artisans and creatives inspired by the beauty around us.” 
“Our World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests are our greatest tourism and environmental asset. If you have an idea you can make it happen here. You can do business with the world or keep it local. It’s up to you.”

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